“12 Rocks”

“12 Rocks”

Our Core Values

Based on the memorial the people of Israel built after crossing the Jordan into the Promised Land in Joshua 4, the “12 Rocks” are the core values that Harbor Rock Tabernacle stands for, in honor of the Lord and in remembrance of His goodness and His leading.  We believe in and are committed to:

1.  GRATEFUL LOVE: Boldly Exhibiting Our Passionate Love For The Lord

2.  FERVENT PRAYER: Establishing A Priority To Constantly Seek The Lord

3.  SPIRIT-LED MINISTRY: Being Filled, Empowered And Directed By The Holy Spirit

4.  BIBLICAL THEOLOGY: Believing With Strong Convictions Founded On God’s Word

5.  STEADFAST FAITH: Holding An Unwavering, Confident Trust In God’s Provision

6.  INTENSIVE STUDY: Utilizing Deep, Exegetical Examination Of The Bible

7.  LIFELONG DISCIPLESHIP: Maturing Through Biblical Education For All Ages

8.  VICTORIOUS WORSHIP: Demonstrating Joyful, Unashamed Praise Of Our Lord

9.  EDIFYING COMMUNITY: Showing Sincere Love For Each Other In Unified Relationships

10.  INTENTIONAL OUTREACH: Having A Heart For The Lost And Sharing The Gospel

11.  FAITHFUL SERVICE: Honoring The Lord By Using Our Spiritual Gifts

12.  HUMBLE REMEMBRANCE: Living In Continual Gratitude For The Lord’s Faithfulness