Getting Involved

Getting Involved

Join us for Worship

At Harbor Rock, you will meet people who are genuine, who love the Lord and who actively care about each other. Most importantly, we are humbled by God’s mercy in our lives and want to know Him more and live our lives for Him. Join us this Sunday where you will experience spiritual encouragement, vibrant worship, and a comfortable atmosphere. Worship Service Times

Ways To Connect

At Harbor Rock, we want you to find a place to get started in making this your church home. We operate as a big family with each person bringing his or her unique gifts and putting them to use for God and His glory. It is our experience that our needs are met as we seek to meet the needs of others–-as we serve each other in Christ and do life together. Please see the “Ministries” page to learn about areas in which to connect and serve.

Family Camp

Each year, we have a wonderful week away at the Family Camp, at Village Creek Bible Camp in Lansing, Iowa.  This is a week with the Harbor Rock family, and is a great time to build relationships, relax and spend time together as families.  We also have outstanding times of worship and study, as well as opportunities to be alone with the Lord in this beautiful setting, and to learn together as a family.  There is often a fun “team competition” throughout the week to help each person interact with others, and a “Parents Night” away from camp, where we go out to dinner and have fun.  Village Creek offers a great variety of activities, from kayaking, a zip line, hiking, horseback riding and so much more!  Please visit for more information.

  • Family Camp at Village Creek Bible Camp in Lansing, Iowa
  • Sunday evening-Friday morning
  • The next Family Camp is August 11-16, 2024


Following the command of Jesus to be baptized as an act of public declaration of the believer’s identification with His death, burial and resurrection, we practice baptism by immersion. Baptism is an outward act affirming what has happened to the believer inwardly, as Christ has put to death our old self, full of sin, and given us new life, marked by righteousness. Baptism is a symbolic picture of that transaction, and is only for those who have willingly and knowledgeably received Jesus Christ as their personal Savior. We believe that being baptized shows our love for the Lord, and serves as a bold statement of our allegiance to Him. Baptism is for anyone over age 10 who professes faith in Christ and is able to give a public statement of testimony. To enquire about being baptized, or for more information, please call the Harbor Rock office at (262) 633-3206.

Child Dedication

At Harbor Rock, we encourage Christian parents to bring their children to be publicly dedicated to the Lord.  This is an act of stating that they will raise their child to know the Word of God, and will teach them about the love and mercy of God, and about God’s offer of salvation through faith in Christ.  This is not an act that confers salvation on the child, and we do not baptize any child that cannot knowingly explain their faith in Jesus Christ.  To request a child dedication, or to ask any questions, please call the Harbor Rock office at (262) 633-3206.

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