How To Know God

How To Know God

Our Only Hope is Found in Jesus Christ

For as long as mankind has existed, the core questions that everyone has asked are “Is there a God?”, “If so, does He care about me?”, and “How do I go to heaven?” Of all the things that preoccupy our hearts and minds as we live, these are the essential issues. And as the world becomes increasingly unsure and unstable, those questions become even more salient.

Every one of us has a soul, which makes us eternal creatures. The Bible tells us that we are all created in the image of God, Who is personal and loving, and Who is also completely holy and has authority over all His creation. We are not an accident of some strange scientific anomaly–He intentionally created us for fellowship and relationship with Him. Romans 3:23 tells us that we all sin. Everyone one of us has offended the holiness of God, and no matter how good our actions may be, we quickly realize that we will always fall short of God’s perfection. There is no one that can claim to be fully perfect. Because of that, we are all ultimately accountable to Him for what we believe and how we live.

Our sin grieves the Lord, and He has every right to punish us for eternity for rebelling against Him. In fact, Romans 6:23 tells us that the payment for our sin is eternal death. But because of His love and mercy (John 3:16), He has offered us salvation (Romans 5:8). He sent Jesus Christ, God in flesh, to take our sins on Himself, and be the payment for those sins. He was our Substitute–the Only One Who could pay the price and deliver us (John 14:6). So He went to the cross and died for us.

But none of that would matter if He stayed dead because that would mean sin and death were too powerful. On the third day, Jesus rose again from the dead, just as He had said He would, and forever showed His power over sin and death, defeating both. Having proven God’s authority and Lordship over everything, and having secured that victory, God now offers forgiveness and exoneration to everyone who believes. Ephesians 2:8-9 tells us that God offers the gift, but we have to accept it. And that means confessing that we are sinners, that we have no hope of saving ourselves, and that our only hope is found in Jesus Christ. It means turning away from self, rejecting sin, and putting our trust in the Lord to save us forever. God knows our heart, and He willingly restores us to a right relationship with Him forever once we trust in Christ. In fact, He promises in John 1:12 that when we receive Christ, He makes us “children of God”.

If you would like to know more about what it means to know Jesus Christ and be saved, please contact the church or a member of the staff. We would love to help you have confidence in your eternal life.