Subjugating Stigmas

Subjugating Stigmas

Jesus ministered to a number of people who were dealing with personal problems and shame, especially a demon possessed man who was deeply tormented and anguished. But when he saw Jesus, he recognized that there was help and healing available through the power of the Lord. Each of us has issues and experiences that cause us embarrassment and insecurity. How we deal with them–especially as it relates to the Lord–is vitally important. For those stigmas to be removed and for our reputation to be restored, we will only experience victory through the love and mercy of God.

We encourage you to worship in conjunction with this study:

How Great Is Your Love–Passion City

Graves Into Gardens–Elevation

You Won’t Let Go–Michael W. Smith

Yet Not I But Through Christ In Me–CityAlight

His Grace Is Greater–Larnelle Harris


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